Sunday, April 10, 2011

An Ache in the Patootie

I love working in my yard. I love working in my garden. Unfortunately, my back hates it when I do.

Today, I found the remaining bricks I needed on Craigslist and they were located less than a mile from my house. They needed a bit of cleaning up, but mortar will come off with the help of a hammer and a screwdriver or chisel. They didn't need to look perfect, but they did need to be pleasing to MY eye.

So the beds are done and the potatoes planted.
  • Red Nootkas
  • Russian Fingerlings
  • Yellow Yukons

I also got around to getting some greens in the ground as well. 
  • Lacinato Kale
  • Collard Greens
  • Mustard Greens
  • Russian Kale

I found a good deal on bark mulch and although, I do not like the red dye they use in this particular brand, it looks pretty good. I have always in the past asked a licensed arborist for their woodchips after a job but they will generally only drop off a full dump truck load.  That is WAY more than I can use and, in the past, I have ended up with a huge pile in the back alley that the kids used as a bike ramp. 

I used cardboard and burlap coffee bags as the weed barrier, since I do not like using synthetic fibers like polypropylene, fiberglass or plastic. That stuff doesn't break down and truthfully it doesn't work. I may have to replace the cardboard next year, but at least I know that it works very well as a weed barrier AND breaks down  into compost eventually. 

Like it's synthetic fiber nemesis, cardboard retards sunlight to the weeds and smothers them to death. YAY!

Unlike the synthetic weed barriers, it isn't a pain in the ass for the environment! Double YAY!

Gratuitous Chicken Picture
The rest of the day was spent cleaning up the back yard and making it look spiffy. I allowed the chicks out for a little while into a pen and they loved it, but of course I forgot to take pictures. Next time, I promise.

Generic Icy Blue Smelly Stuff

I promptly jumped into a piping hot shower when I finally tore myself away from the yard and even though I knew I had over-done it,  I always find that it is really hard to come back inside once I get started on yard work. But I still needed to wash clothes and clean the bathroom and inside stuff that isn't quite as much fun. I will be smearing generic icy blue smelly stuff on my back and other joints for the rest of the evening. But it will be with a sense of accomplishment. 

And ample whining.


  1. looks gorgeous!! I am jealous of you plot!

  2. Was walking only one tail-wagger the other day so was able to slow down and check out the beds. They look great!!