Sunday, July 24, 2011

How To Make a Food Waste Digester!

When I worked for Seattle Tilth, I had a chance to be on a popular gardening show called 'Gardening with Cisco' to show people how to make a food waste digester!

Watch and learn!


  1. You are kind of amazing. I loved this. I wonder if we have any connections - and by that I wonder if any of your friends, etc. know my partner's friends, etc. since he is the earth dude in our relationship (I just name the chickens and worry about them). We totally need to have a garden sharing day - would love to see yours and show your ours (Rodney didn't really plant anything this year, but we have berries and cauliflower and a few other things out back and he has his native plants in front). Love this video. And, sadly - we had to send our Rooster elsewhere, but he is now in a MUCH better place (and not on a plate) with two acres, new ladies, sheep and no angry neighbors.

  2. Thanks! I keep telling people that but no one believes me...

    I would love a chance to see your chickens! You can give me a holler any time you like!

    I am sorry about your rooster :( It's hard since most city dwellers can handle the sound of sirens but roosters are very unfamiliar with the sound.