Saturday, June 21, 2014

Cherry Pitter Review

 This morning I left home at 6:30am and drove to Wenatchee and picked cherries at Stutzman Ranch. Showed up as they opened at 9am and it was a glorious day to pick cherries. I am very happy I decided to go so early since it was turning out to be a scorcher of a day in Central Washington.

I picked 30 pounds of cherries by 10:30 and was on my way home. I stopped to take a short day hike and for lunch and was home by 2:45pm and moving on the the work of processing the cherries.

I bought a little cherry pitter at Sur La Table the other day in anticipation of the picking. I have decided that this little tool is wonderful! Below you are going to find a little 2 minute video review of the Progressive 6 Cherry Pitter. It aint fancy or all that professional, but it works and tell you what I think about it. Sorry for the vertical video, but these things happen...