Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dead Computers and Double Yolks

My computer died on me the other week, a friend's fiance' was able to save some of the most important files but once it gave up that information it went tits up. So I have just been able to get back to posting.

 The chickens are now laying more regularly and I seems to have a range in colour and sizes.

The small, spotted, dark brown eggs are from the Welsumer, the medium light brown eggs are from the Buff Orpingtons and the pink eggs are from the Americaunas.

They are quite lovely, actually. The other evening I looked out the window and mentioned to boyfriend that one of the birds seemed missing. He went out to check their coop and yelled back that he couldn't find her.

I joined him outside and we checked the whole yard. The boyfriend thought she may have been eaten, but I said there wasn't any blood or feathers and that I didn't think anything took her. I looked under the porch and in the neighbors yard and finally I was out in the alley, when the boyfriend started laughing, he had found her hiding in the crotch of a cedar tree!

With fourteen eggs!  One was a bit larger and it contained double yolks, I love when that happens!

I had been wondering why there weren't more eggs and it seems that the chickens were smarter than me when it comes to hide and seek. But they couldn't outsmart the boyfriend.

A batch of eggs goes to my coffee pusher in trade for coffee. Another goes to the neighbor as bribery. Some definitely go into my belly and some more will be turned into pickled eggs by the boyfriend.

And now that I have a fixed computer I can tell you ALL about it! Aren't you excited?!