Thursday, March 24, 2011

Here-a Chick, There-a Chick.

  So in order to get the Chicks acclimated to humans, you have to spend time with them. Unlike ducks, which have a tendency to imprint at first sight to a person or persons, chickens are much more instinctively wary of humans.

  I do not consider the Chicks to be pets. I consider them livestock, but I also don't want them to scatter wildly "Bwocking" every time they see me. So I bribe with treats and sit and coo at them so that they will feel more comfortable when I come for their eggs.

  But you can't help but be slightly enamored by them. They are just too entertaining not to love. Watching them as they forage and fight and run and jump on each other is more entertaining than television for me. They are very curious creatures and definitely want to know what you are doing even though they might be afraid of you.

  They are starting to look more and more like chickens everyday. A few are starting to grow the combs on top of their heads and they no longer peep as much as squawk. They are approximately 2 weeks old and will not lay eggs until they are about 6 months old. That is if the raccoons, cats, coyotes or crazy neighbors don't get them....

I have three breeds of chickens.

Welsummer                                                                                                Buff Orpington

  The Welsummers and Buff Orpingtons, both, lay lovely brown eggs while the Americaunas lay the coolest light blue and green eggs. They are a very interesting breed. 

  The Orpingtons and Welsummers are of a milder disposition, you could say they were big-breasted, matronly birds.  But the Americaunas... Well, they are only one step away from their wild cousins and tend to be much more skittish around people, but also much more confrontational. They tend to chase small children out of yards. Which makes them perfect for me... I do the same thing.

  Anyways, I've been busy bribing them with dandelion leaves and worms, which I seem to have a glut of, to let me touch them. They are much more curious about what I am doing now, as opposed to just cowering in the corner in peeping in fear. They peck at me and will climb up on my hand as long as I don't pull it out of the pen they are in. They are still kind of cute, but their breeds characteristics are definitely starting to come out.

  The boyfriend wants to give them names, but once you give them names they tend to be pets. I am trying to dissuade him from that, but if he has no problem with possibly having Margarite for dinner that's fine by me.

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  1. my kids would love to come over and help them acclimate to humans!