Monday, May 16, 2011


Potatoes are a tuber. Hell, everyone knows what a potato is. When we are children we make alarm clocks out of them in science class: 

We made potato stamps and decorated Christmas wrapping. And if we were lucky we made a potato gun!

I do not condone potato violence.

They don't grow on a root system like peanuts or as a root like a beet. They grow on the actual stalk of the potato plant that is covered with soil I believe I explained it all in a previous post...(Yup, I did right here. So I wont bother going over it again).  It's kinda cool!
1. Plant the potatoes.

I like potatoes mainly because they are easy to grow and fun to dig up and store well. I like just about anything that I can store for any period of time just by placing them someplace cool and dark. They also tend to taste sweeter when they are first dug up.
2. Let the potatoes grow.

Kids love potatoes because they can stick there hands in the soil and come up with dinner. It satisfies the hunter/gatherer in all of us and gives even the oldest of us a little thrill when we pull them out of the ground!

3. Plant the potatoes.

The chickens are getting quite big and are pretty much ready to allow out in the yard. I am still leery about letting them roam about when I am not around and of course they never want to go back into their pen so I have to chase them in every night.

Have you ever chased a chicken?
They are surprisingly fast little




  1. Things look to be coming along very nicely! I miss potatoes. Being married to a diabetic, we've cut carbs. How about cauliflower- trying to grow them here.

  2. I have not had much luck with Brassicaceae. I seems to have some issues with cabbage worms... Blech.