Sunday, June 10, 2012

Never On Sunday

Never On A Sunday

I am not one of those people who are able to sit and do nothing on a sunny Sunday. If the weather is relatively fine I will be found outside working on my garden of just putzing around in my yard. Those who are able to relax on their days off are very lucky.

I usually do my normal chores of laundry and general house-cleaning, but on a lovely Sunday I also tend to try to work in the yard as much as possible. For example:

This morning at 8AM, I built a table. Using the legs from an old table I got years ago from a friend and a pallet I got from a garage clean out.

Next, I weeded the garden pathways and laid down burlap coffee bags I found for free on Craigslist. (I tend to find quite a few things on Craigslist for free. I found a claw foot bathtub that the boyfriend and I are planning on turning into a love seat.)

In fact we dragged home this huge rabbit hutch, I found on CL, yesterday! It needs a good scrubbing and some of the chicken wire has rusted through, so they will need replacing, but otherwise in pretty good shape! Woo rabbit meat!

I worked on weeding the veggie and herb beds, 
then proceeded onto relocating a few plants. Crocosmia, Siberian Irises, Death Lilies and Ferns. I worked on clearing out the millions of hyacinth leaves and stems that are turning into mush under my cherry tree. I am not a fan of the hyacinths, but they came with the yard and refuse to leave. 

Then I got a hold of the chainsaw... I really need this thing taken away from me, but it is so freaking HANDY!

AND of course;


  1. I question the traditional rabbit hutch. Don't get me wrong, that is how I was raised, but I'd like to see a more "tent city" operation with baby darling rabbits (who are delicious) Same as hey grow "Free Range" chickens here in Socorro. You know, a range of 10 square feet with 5 chickens in an enclosed tent.... seems more likely to yield a stronger meat. I still can't get over the ACTUAL chicken that I have to eat weekly! IT DOES NOT TASTE LIKE CHICKEN! Much love from someone who likes food. Also if you ever need any spice mixture recipes from me, I got ya covered.

    1. If I know your brother, those baby bunnies will be bouncing all around the backyard and he will have named each one.