Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I have finally got all my pots made, the potting mix is in and now I just have to see which of my seeds are still viable and which aren't. I have quite a few seeds and I am loathe to throw them away, although I know all the gardening books say to toss them after a certain time. So I will see if I can get any to germinate in wet paper towels and if they do I will plop them into potting soil and see what happens.

Like I promised, I am going to show you my swanky, supercool Pot Maker! I so love this thing! Basically, it allows you to take a piece of newsprint 3.5"x10" and turn it into a pot for plant starts. Being that I live in a city where there is no shortage of  "indie" newspaper, it is easy enough to find free fodder for pots. Otherwise, a lot of times if you catch the guys that deliver to the stores in the mornings you can get the bundles of the stuff. Or you can read the newspaper, I guess...

Anyways. Find yourself a awesome Pot Maker like I got! If you  do a web search on "pot maker" it gives you quite a few options. You can also go to the manufacturer's website for additional information.

Yes, I know it looks like a sex toy.  No, it is not a sex toy.

Next, you cut some strips of paper in 3.5"x10" segments.  Cut a whole buttload at once, it makes it much easier if you do not have to stop and cut strips every few pots.

Most plastic plant trays hold about 32 of the paper pots. I cut 96 strips within a few minutes and had them ready to go when I started making them.

A lovely newsprint tube
Then you start rolling. You roll till you have a nice tube.  Not too tight or it will be a bitch to slide it off the press. Not too loose or you will not be able to form it into the base.

Some people will angle the paper slightly so you will have a small tab at the top to fold over. I have never found a need to take this step, but it seems to work for some people so more power to them.

As you can see to you will have a lovely tube of newsprint.

Next, you fold the bottom inch of paper under and press/twist it into the base. Do not go hog wild and twist like your are reaming a lemon. Otherwise, you will rip the paper bottom. Just give it a firm twist and

Voila! You have a lovely newsprint pot to get your tomatoes started in!  Now only another 95 to go...

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  1. Very impressive. My seed starting is based on TP rolls I've been stockpiling. Bought the sterile soil. Haven't done a thing yet.