Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Farm Dreams

I have always liked the idea of self-sufficiency.

I admire people who work smaller family farms, not as a hobby, but as a living. I don't romanticize it in any way. I know that it is hard, back breaking, tiring work. It is something that I dream of doing and hope to be able to do in the future.

I am not some idealistic boho chick who would like to own a gentleman hobby farm. I want to work land and feed myself and others off of it. I want to have some livestock for eggs, milk and meat. I want to grow vegetables.  I want to learn how to feed myself and, in the process, others.

I am always impressed by those who have the opportunity to do it and then do. So I am sharing the video below! This is a short documentary by Andrew Plotsky’s on Farmstead Meatsmith based in Vashon Island, WA. 

According to their website

"Farmstead Meatsmith is a personal abattoir, butchery and charcuterie service for small farms and homesteads in the Puget Sound region.  We specialize in educating farmers in the preparation of their animals for full culinary use, from grass to butcher block to table.
We practice traditional methods of slaughter, butchery and charcuterie.  Therefore, our focus is to ensure that nothing is wasted.  Each step of the process reflects this goal, resulting in what is simultaneously the most delicious and thrifty option for filling your larder."
Please note before you watch the video, it IS graphic. This does show the slaughtering and butchering of a hog. DO NOT WATCH IF YOU ARE SENSITIVE TO SUCH THINGS. If you do watch and are disturbed, do not come bitching to me.

I had hoped to take their Hog Slaughter class on May 8th, but I may not make it partially due to my back and partially due to that lack of interest in the class at this point. I emailed back and forth with Lauren Sheard, one of the owner/operator of Farmstead Meatsmith, and was told that their other classes tend to fill up. But there did not seem to be as big of an interest in this particular class. 

Their next class is the following weekend in Maple Valley, WA. This is their Harvesting Two Pigs class and you have the option of taking one class over the weekend or two. You can find more information on their website.

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