Monday, August 20, 2012

Yes. You Can Can!!

  • Kody - You are a brave woman. My mom recently got a new pressure cooker and she's still afraid it's going to explode.
  •  Me - The newer ones dont explode as often as the old ones. This is the one that Andy gave me and although it has a quirk or two, it works pretty darn well! I'm less afraid of it exploding than the jars breaking because I can't see them....
  •  Kody - Is that a pressure canner or cooker? Or is it the same thing? We just can with a hot bath, I know no other way.
  • Me -  If you are canning veggies, you HAVE TO USE a pressure canner/cooker (same difference) Veggies do not have natural acids to kill botulism, so in order to be safe you have to pressure can vegetables. Jams, jellies, pie fillings you can do in a water bath because you usually add sugars and most fruit already have a high acid amount
  • Me - You usually will hear about someone getting really sick from home canned foods a couple times a year and the most common thing they get sick from is improperly canned green beans.
  • Kody - Remind me to never eat canned veggies unless they come from your house.
  • Me - Pickled veggies you can do in a water bath because you are usually using vinegar which adds the acid you need
  • Kody - I've only ever canned fruit, Applesauce/butter, or jam.
  •  Me - Try veggies! Just borrow your mom's canner! Go in on it with friends, easy peasy and safe as long as you follow the rules. This is an awesome website for dat shit:
    The National Center for Home Food Preservation is your source for methods of home food preservation.
  • Kody -  I need to get my blueberries picked this week and get some apples for Applesauce.... I'm a little behind. :)

    I want to do pickles!
  • Me - Bill Pace in Bellevue has 25lb boxes for $25 I believe... But your local fruit stand should have cukes, too.
  •  Kody - I'm going to check Country Farms tomorrow. I'm out of canning jars - I use them to store my dry bulk stuffs.
  • Me - LOL! That is very good too!!
  • Andy -  I am SOOOO glad you didn't blow your head off!!
  • Me -  ME TOO!!!!
  • PJ -  I just picked some green beans from my garden (that's right...i'm all growin' veggies n shit), so it's good to know that I now have to get all the canning stuff. *sigh*
  • Me -  If you need to borrow a pressure cooker, just holler
  •  PJ - Is it possible to pressure cook meat in a jar?
  • Me - Actually, yes. You can a lot of meats raw and they will cook as they are being sealed
  • PJ -  Good to know. I've started making home cooked meals for the dogs to wean then off of kibble and to help Josie's allergies. I just freeze the batches, but it would be nice to just leave them unfrozen.
  • PJ -  Can you just bring the pressure cooker over and teach me? PLEASE TEACH ME!!!!
  • Me - Happily

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