Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Rites Of Spring

Spring is almost here, my Dearies!

The garden catalogs have been slowly trickling in since the first week of January. Tempting me with their burlesque colorful covers and beautiful plants within. I can sit for hours flipping through the pages and making notes of what I would like to try this year.

Territorial Seed Company, Baker Creek, and Irish Eyes  are my three favourite, but I love getting all the seed catalogs!

Botanical Interests has pretty packets and some nice mixes.
Burgess Seed and Plant Co have beautiful ornamental plants, although rarely organically grown there are some lovely finds in it.
Burpee Seed Co recently put my worries about it ownership to rest.
Ed Hume Seeds tailor theirs for the Pacific Northwest (PNW) climate.
Renee's Garden has the prettiest of seed packets and a pretty decent variety of unusual plants.
Seattle Seed Company also tailors their seed selection to our Western Washington Climate ( I haven't tried them, so I cannot give feedback as of yet.)

Also, because we live in a wonderful modern world of instant informational gratification, I have been getting updates about local plant sales:

The Master Gardeners Annual Plant Sale will be on March 3rd. There is usually a nice variety of veggies, native plants, perennial and ornamental plants.
Northwest Horticultural Society will be having their Spring Plant Sale on March 7th. Mainly, PNW natives and ornamental plants
 Seattle Tilth will be having a March Edible Plant Sale this year on March 15 as well as their annual Edible Plant Sale in May. As the name of the plant sale suggests, you will find mainly edible plants, but there are plenty of other plants to get you interested as well.
Washington Park Arboretum's Plant Sale will be in April and you will always find wonderful plants!

You will start finding bare root plants in your local nurseries by now and like me I am sure you all are feeling the itch to get your hands into your soil! Unfortunately my soil is super soggy right now and not as workable as I would like. Even so, I can lie in my bed with my catalogs and plan.

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