Monday, March 10, 2014

BBC Farm Series

I was just recently informed about the BBC Farm Series! Why would my friend wait so long to tell me about these shows?! I have wasted many years when I could have been watching these and attempting to make my own Devon Cream (delicious, by the way)!!

There are six seasons of reality historical docudramas concerning farms in Britain during different times in history, such as; Victorian, Edwardian, WW2, Tudor, etc.

Tales From The Green Valley
These show are my crack.

I have sat and watched a whole season on lazy days and they are awesome! The cast is made up of historians and archaeologists, so there tends to be very little drama other than when they attempt to work a piece of vintage Victorian machinery and it falls apart on them.

That is one of the more awesome aspects of these shows, they use the actual machinery and items from the era they are showing. Mostly, they do not bring in current machinery if something does not work. (In fact, the only instance I have seen them do this is when they were using a Edwardian chick incubator which had a live flame.) They figure something else out from that era. They show farm work, housework, cooking, cleaning, sewing, mending and so forth and so on. All the daily grind of rural life in that era.

I am really enjoying these shows and you can find the first four seasons here: 

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