Sunday, March 16, 2014

Instant Gratification and Inconsistent Eggs

 Yesterday was the Seattle Tilth March Edible Plant Sale. Basically, early season plants, herbs and flowers.

I love plant sales since they provide me with instant gratification. Instead of waiting for my starts or the seeds I plant in the garden to sprout, they sell me plants that are already ready to plop in the ground and I can being to watch all the wonderful yummy veggies grow. Immediately.

I definitely have some seeds ready to sow, like lettuce and spinach. It makes no sense for me to buy these things since they are so easy to grow. Peas are also another plant that is easy to grow and makes no sense to me to purchase at plant sales.

I also go to these plant sales because I like the Seattle Tilth mission plan. They teach organic and sustainable gardening methods. I like that.

Anyways, I got home and planted my starts and sat down to write out my garden journal. This way I know where I planted what and wont overlap too much next time. Crop rotation keeps your soil fertile and reduces the chance of garden pests specific to one type of plant.

I am not an artist, but I like to draw out my journal. It makes it look pretty. I use a Moleskine Japanese Album which is pocket sized and has accordion paper sheets. I love these, you can use one sheet at a time or use multiple sheets for sketching.

The chickens are providing about 50 eggs a week. I sell some to neighbors and co-workers, I give some away, I barter some and I eat some. But as you can see there is some size difference. The ones at the top are equivalent to grocery store extra-large eggs and the ones at the bottom are smalls. This is because I have about 4 different breeds of birds.

I purchased the lot from Murray McMurray and it was a they pick kind of deal. I got some nice birds, but due to this , I also have some egg inconsistencies!

I won't complain since the eggs are all delicious, but it is funny to see the giant eggs compared to the small ones.

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