Sunday, March 27, 2016

Let There Be Light

A couple years back I purchased a few solar lights from Target.  Nothing too fancy, just enough to light up the side of the house to the back gate.

The wonderful thing about these was that I bought them at the end of the summer season and got them for a buck each. I love reasonable deals like that.

But the lights are starting to dim so it was time to change the batteries. Yes, solar lights use batteries. The sunlight is collected in solar cells and store the energy in the batteries to be used when the sun sets.

And the batteries do poop out over time. So can the cells, but these all seem to still be working well. 

So, pop off the head on your light. Most should be detachable so you have the ability to change the batteries.

First, you pop off the covering of the battery case and clean out all the spider eggs, slug eggs and accumulated ick you find within. Give the light a careful dusting, gently scrub off any dirt on the plastic covering the solar cell.

A lot are simple double AA batteries, but of course that can depend on the manufacturer.

Pop in a new battery and replace the lid.

 Test the brightness, by putting the solar cell flat against something that blocks out all the light and the stick the head back on the post and you have light on your path or patio for another season!

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