Friday, March 11, 2016

Seed Catalogs

It used to be that seed catalogs just suddenly appeared in your mailbox every February, like a present from the Vernal Goddess herself, but now you have to request many of them.

You can order them online, which seems to defeat the purpose, since you can also view and order the seeds online.

I am a tactile person, it is one of the many reasons I garden. I like the way it feels. Same with the garden catalogs, I love the way they feel as I read them out on my bed and look at all the pictures and oogle all the varieties of beans, squash and tomatoes. This is what I love about seed catalogs.

I understand it is cheaper for the companies to not send out the catalogs, more and more people turn to the internet to look at and order their seeds and plants, but for those of us who wait with bated breath for spring need those catalogs for the assurance that it is coming.
Seeds of Change 

So now you have to ask for paper catalogs, which might not be ecologically sound, but it does satisfy the soul, both things which should make you happy.

This company doesn't have a catalog, but they are local to Seattle and awesome:

When flipping through the pages and dog earring all the pages of the plants you hope to plan that year, there is satisfaction, there is that sensual completion of feeling the paper between your fingers that you do not get when clicking along through screens. You get the same info, the same pictures, but you don't get the same connections.

Order the catalogs. Order from the catalogs. It is satisfying getting a small box of seeds in the mail. Again, like a present from the Vernal Goddess. ( bonus points if you can name her)

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